01 AUG 1974: Anchorage Daily News

News Note on Campaign Treasurer

EBEN HOPSON of Barrow, Democratic candidate for governor, has announced appointment of Ronald Greisen, a certified public accountant, as treasurer of his campaign. “I am happy to have been able to recruit a certified public accountant as treasurer of my campaign because I believe that the new campaign expenditure limitation and disclosure laws should be scrupulously obeyed,” Hopson said. He said Greisen will accept contributions at his office at 717 K St. in Anchorage.


Ron Greisen Heads Campaign Fund

Mayor Eben Hopson of the North Slope Borough, contender for the Democratic nomination for Governor, has announced the appointment of Mr. Ron Greiser, CPA, as his campaign treasurer.

“I have asked Ron Greiser, a certified public accountant practicing in Anchorage, to serve as my campaign treasurer so as to professionally and scrupulously observe both the intent and the spirit of Alaska’s new political campaign financing disclosure laws. My campaign funds will be kept, disbursed and accounted for by Mr. Greiser whose stewardship I value, and will hopefully become an example for other political campaign treasurers to follow,” Mayor Hopson said in a press release. he asked that all wishing to contribute to his gubernatorial campaign to send their donations directly to Mr. Greiser at his office at 717 K Street, Anchorage, Alaska, 99501.