August 1982

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APR Comment: Time for Action on Arctic Policy

Alaskans Seek Native Artifacts in European Museums

National Arctic Science Policy Bill

The Hunters of Point Hope

Ships for Arctic Traffic


On the cover: Summer settlement of the Tikiarmiut (Point Hope People) near Corwin Bluff east of Cape Lisburne, 1881. The view is toward the west, and only the western section of the camp is visible. The umiaq is turned on its side to dry; the skins rot if they stay wet too ong. Lying on the beach are several food pokes, each make from the intact skin of a ringed seal. They are probably filled with blubber and dried meat. The 90 or so people in this camp were on their way to the caribou hunting grounds in the Northeast Sector of their territory. This photo, from the E.W. Nelson Collection of the national Anthropological Archives in the Smithsonian Institution, is include din the NSB publication, The Traitional Eskimo Hunters of Point Hope Alaska: 1800-1875.