(Iglulik Eskimo woman)
(A song that would always send the shaman Uvavnuk into a trance.)
The great sea stirs me.
The great sea sets me adrift,
it sways me like the weed
on a river-stone.
The sky’s height stirs me.
The strong wind blows through my mind.
It carries me with it,
so I shake with joy.
(Copper Eskimo man, Ellis River, Queen Maud’s Sea)
Fear hung over me.
I dared not try
to hold out in my hut.
Hungry and chilled,
I stumbled inland,
tripping, falling constantly.
At Little Musk Ox Lake
the trout made fun of me;
they wouldn’t bite.
On I crawled,
and reached the Young Man’s River
where I caught salmon once.
I prayed
for fish or reindeer
swimming in the lake.
My thought
reeled into nothingness,
like run-out fish-line.
Would I ever find firm ground?
I staggered on,
muttering spells as I went.