Health Career Traineeships Offered

College students preparing for careers in medicine, optometry, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and nursing are currently being recruited to apply for health career trainee ships during the Christmas (December, 1983) break and during May and June, 1984.

Students who are selected have the opportunity to gain clinical experience under the direction of a health professional. In addition, students may opt for individualized study. The purpose of the traineeships is to assist students in preparing for admissions to professional school. Past trainees have found the experience invaluable in rounding out their admissions package. students are provided travel to their field site and a daily stipend.

Students interested in applying should contact:

Mailing address: Kathy Johnson, Director, Health Careers Rural Education, University of Alaska, 3605 Arctic Blvd., #420, Anchorage, AK 99503.

Office Location: Health Careers Frontier Building, 3601 C Street, Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99503.

Telephone: (907) 564-3345.