Inuit Circumpolar Conferences


Inuit Circumpolar Conference:

      • 09 Sept 1975: Request for Lilly Endowment Grant Support for First International Inuit Community Conference.
      • Fall 1975: Related Correspondence related to above grant application


    • 13 June 1977: Mayor Eben Hopson’s Welcoming Address, First Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Utkeagvikmi (Barrow, AK)
    • June 1977: Final Report — First Inuit Circumpolar Conference.
    • 25-27 April 1978: Mayor Eben Hopson’s Address: “The Role of Regional Government on Arctic Resource Development,” Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Consultation on Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Arctic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    • March 1983ICC Granted United Nations Status (Arctic Policy Review)
  • Inuit Circumpolar Conference: University of Connecticut Libraries