Inuit Circumpolar Conferences


Inuit Circumpolar Conference:

09 Sept 1975: Request for Lilly Endowment Grant Support for First International Inuit Community Conference.

Fall 1975: Related Correspondence related to above grant application

13 June 1977: Mayor Eben Hopson’s Welcoming Address, First Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Utkeagvikmi (Barrow, AK)

June 1977: Final Report — First Inuit Circumpolar Conference.

25-27 April 1978: Mayor Eben Hopson’s Address: “The Role of Regional Government on Arctic Resource Development,” Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Consultation on Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Arctic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

March 1983ICC Granted United Nations Status (Arctic Policy Review)