Eben Hopson

ANB Executive Committee Meeting, 1970. Joseph Upicksoun, Pres. Arctic Slope Native Assn., Eben Hopson on right, former State Senator and an AFN Executive Director.

In the Fall of 1970, then Secretary of the Interior Walter Hickel met with Prominent figures in the Alaska Land Claims disputein his Washington office. Clockwise from far left: Wally Hickel; Tim Wallis, President Fairbanks Native Association; Charles(Etok) Edwardson, Executive Director Arctic Slope Native Association; Eben Hopson, Barrow; Emil Notti; Attorney BarryJackson (standing); State Senator William Hensley; Alfred Ketzler, Nenana; Barbara Trigg, Nome unknown; Delois Ketzler;Harvey Samuelson, Dillingham; George Miller, Kenai; unknown; State Senator Ray C. Christiansen (far right); Frank Degnan,Unalakleet; Moses Paukan; Morris Thompson; John Borbridge (back to camera).